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"How lonely is the night without the cry of the wolf."

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+ About Journal +

darkspirited1 is owned and maintained by darkspirited1. It contains her writing, her rants, her raves, her art, and her discussions on her life and anything else that pops up in her head. If you are interested in following along on her adventures, please COMMENT on the friends only post.

+ Rules +

Respect is an absolute must. I like to keep my relationships with my followers at my journal drama free.

I don't usually do friend cuts unless people have disappeared for a while or there just doesn't seem to be a connection. At any time, feel free to cut me or drop me a note if you feel we are not connecting.

Writers: All of my writing here is up for critique, so please feel free to give me your honest opinions. Likewise, if you would like something edited or critiqued, I offer those services as well. Please check out this post for more information.

+ About Me +

- 24 years old - Majored in Spanish 6-12 education with a minor in English 6-12 - considering returning for elementary ed - shy - funny - silly/goofy - Disney fan - writer - artist - creative -

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+ Disclaimers +

All material posted here is copyrighted and may not be redistributed, reposted, or altered in any way. Please do not post to facebook, twitter, or any other site unless you receive permission to do so.

All material is also crossposted to darkspirited1 @ livejournal.
Art is usually crossposted to darkspirited1 @ deviantart and old fanfic is crossposted to shadow713 @

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